.x.Hold on to your friends the others are fakes.x.
.x.They'll get you through these never ending headaches.x.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Ahahaahahhaha!!! oh man have i been out and about lately!! Since my break up with tyler ive been out because i need to still get my mind off of things thats arent good... so ive been out with pretty much everyone lately! like alis,nadia,cody,sam,cyndi,aubrey,dom,bree,chynna, annalisa,ashley... shit everyone!! my friends are the best they know how to make my days better than most!! haha!! whatever that means but you get me riight?
So yea i still am madly in love with tyler!! i gots another picture of him!! awww hes soo god damn hot!! imma rape him if i get to see him this summer!! lol just cuz i love him tons and no matter what happens i always will and im still gonna marry him and have his babies i dont care if he likes it or not!!!! its gonna happen! haha!!! aaa!! i love him tons!!! sorry for everyone who thinks thats dumb.. but i really do so yea. you dont have to like it.
Ok soooooooooo... i leave for vegas in like 8 days! im super stoked!! ill be in vegas and LA while in vegas!! haha! i love vacationing!! then ill get back and now i dunno if ill be able to go see amanda because i have to go visit my grandma at the end of july becuase i cant in august... so maybe in august we'll go see amanda and I WANNA SEE TYLER!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!! right now!!!!!!!! grrr!! anywhoooooo....so ya
So last night i went to a party,the night before went to the rodeo,and the night before that i went to a straightedge party...CRAAAAAAZY SHIT!! haha..the party last night was alright... i got socked straight up in the eye!!! it didnt hurt too much because it was with a boxing glove... but still!!then the rodeo was fun...watch ali and nadia ride this one pharoh ride!! haha it was funny! then we went to the hilton walked around... it was alright.... so me and cody have kinda fling goin on... iuno whats gonna happen tho so ya..
but imma go shower and non sense...maintenance is supposed to come and fix our shower and air conditioner..so i better shower before he comes and fixes it...x0x0x0 loves...
candy hearts and skittles

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Friday, June 25, 2004

soo it's now 12:33 am on firdya morning... and the only person in the world who could make me happy just broke my heart.... yea... that means me and tyler are no longer together.. so im sitting here balling my eyes out.... and the one person that i really need to talk to is asleep and my best girlfriend doesnt have her cell anymore... so theres no one i can tell but this fukin blog shit and cameron....and the bad thing is i work tomorrow and i work early.. so imma be super not into my job tomorrow... imma be hella emo big red puffy eyes... and tired as fuk...and im supposed to go out tomorrow with dom.... i dunno if itll help... cuz when i talk to her tomorrow imma cry my heart out about it...god... im in shitty mood now... and cameron is trying to so fukin hard to cheer me up and i want it to help but it wont for a few whiles(however fukin long that is.... FOREVER!) well im out so fuk off...peace...
x's n 0's (or whatevers left of it...) -kersti...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
HAHA!!! This makes me smile!!!

So i'm at this party with dominique and there's this guy there and him and the guys were getting wasted and so this guy is all "HEY! You wanna hear a funny story?" and so were like
" Sure!".... and he's all " Ok, so i'm at this party a couple days ago and there was this girl there and I didn't like her much and she was pissing me off so... I PISSED IN HER SHOE!"......

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh man!! funny thing is!!! SHE PUT IT ON!!! AND THE OTHER FUNNY THING IS!!!!!! DOM AND I WORK WITH HER AAAAAHAHAAHHAAH..... we just told her about it today!!! i was hilarious!!!ooooooh man!!! I GOTTA PEEEE!!!!!!!! (goes pee) haha ok im back!!! anyways!!! aaaahahahaha it was great!! so now all of target knows its great it makes me smile i love it!!!1

Ok so im reading peoples online journals and i read ty ty's and and and the wonderfulest thing is that he has the same song on his journal as i do on my web site!!! it makes me smile!!! aaaa because i love that song oh soo much because its sooo grand!!! ooooooooooo man ok so ..

sam and i are going to the mall tomorrow and were gonna shop!! because girls like to shop!! and so sam is getting over a total break-up loss and so were like ok... were gonna get you a sweeter guy whos not an ass..... and so im thinkin... and i thought CHRIS!! chris would be the greatest guy for her!!!! IT MADE ME SMILE!! (NOTICE : everything tonight is making me smile! :] ) so i gotta talk to chris later!!! im sooo happy tonight and if ANYONE ruins it for me tonight i will go madly insane!!! mwahahaha!!! so i'll leave this entry to you as i go and talk to my wonderful friends i love you all(even if i dont know you!!!) seesa lators!
x's n 0's
toodles and cabootles

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speedy speedy runnaway!!

Wellllllllllll...... im out of it!! as in hyper! yup yup...hmm gotta love it..oooohhh man im watching this thingy with jessica simpson and her husband where they act as different people i find it entertaining...OMG!! last night i said something totally like jessica simpson!! i was talking to mango <3 and like i told her something and she was all what about it and i was all what bout what?? then like 5 minutes later i was all OOOOOOOOOOOOH you mean you want to know know about it!!!?! god... i felt like a dumbass lol!! but it proves tyler riight haha. ooooooooh maan...so i talked to tyler last niight it was grand!!! he was hyper and happy so that made me smile...i lovers him!!! lalalalalaaa....
i gotta woooooooooooooooorrrrrk today!!! blah 4-9... o well im working with dom so its aallllll good mwahaha! oooh man nadia, ali, bria, and cody were supposed to come in to target yesterday but i didnt think i got off at 8 i thought i got off at 9..hrmm pittyful!!! maybe today they will.... ILL CALL THEM!!! hahaha cody's got a fat crush on me!!! hehe its funny!!
oooh meee oooh myyy... someone called me at like 12:17 am.... iuno who it was cuz i was knocked out asleep.... i dunno why but i was just passed out like drunk bum in the park!!! :]

awwwwwwww..... cameron isnt gonna have aol anymore!!!! that makes me saad he's so much fun to talk to!!! he can always put a smile on my face!!!! cuz he keeps it positive!!! unlike me!!! but just for my buddy imma try to keep things positive!!eeeeeehehehehehehee!!!! okai okai okai okai okai .......
AHH! i get to see my little sisters and my little broha on saturday!!! maybe after work!! it excites me because i havent seen them in daaaaaaaaayssss... theyre younger than me but theyre my little siblings ...they need their big sister!!! atleast thats what i think!!

eeeeee iim coughin!!.......okai all better well imma stop writing cuz i relaly dont have anything special to talk abouttt soooooooooooooooooooo im outt talk to yall lataa!! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x00x0x0x0x0x0x0x0xx0x CAMMMMMMERONN!! ill missers you!!! BUT you better call me sometime gorsh!!! kai bye bye!!!
~my little FUKIN ray of sunshine~
Tyler <3---- <3 kersti

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Monday, June 21, 2004
New stuff yo!

What up all you peoples who read this!!! haha... yea i was getting bored of the green checkerd stuff so im trying out a new layout....so ya...
so saturday was the def skateboard jam... it was off the hook... i went with annalis aand we skated and hung out with some new friends. it waas fun... then we saw a fight haha... it was funny but gay that they had to start a fight at the skatepark over nothing... haha.... then they handed out free swag!! i didnt get anything... but corey(new friend) gave me his big inflatable skateboard wheel haha it was great!! then later two pros (brandon and darryl) came to talk to me and annalisa and invited us to go hang out with them at their hotel room... so we all exchanged numbers and they left and annalisa and i chilled at the park a little longer then headed over to the hotel to hang out.... then annalisa and i had to go get jessica cuz she was drunk so when we were leaving this other pro(adam) comes running after us asking where darryl and brandon were and we told him and hes all ok...then he was all WAIT!! are you guys comming back!!? and i was all yea and hes all ok cool! so anna dropped me off at target to meet dom and she went to get jess and took her home and she went to seans.... so dom and i went to go visit her grandma for a bit we played in the harrahs hotel arcade... it was great!! then we went back to elderado (where the guys were staying) and we hung out with all these pros and stuff... then we met this awesome chick named sunny! shes so fukin cool!! so we chilled till like 12 ish... then dom and i left and we mobbed the strip a few times then we went home.

I felt bad because chynna was with bree and courtney and everyone and she was the only sober one and she had nothing to do and bree didnt even notice that chynna was out of the room...i wanted to go get her but i didnt know where she was and i had to be home in a bit anyways but i felt soo bad i wanted to get her soo bad!! i love you chy chy.

So imma dye my hair again...i tihnk imma dye it black then doms gonna put white blonde and pink streaks in it... if not... imma leave it brown and then put the streaks in it... still thinking about it so yuh!

i havent talked to tyler inna while...i wrote him an email tho...so yea... hope hes okai.... hmm but anyways imma go shower and listen to senses fail,ffaf, and a7x...have a grand day and toodles x's n 0's (double for tyler)...
Peace and chicken grease

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
ya i like starbursts

dude. i worked today... it was ok.. it was full of ups n downs...so ya.. it was ok... so i get off... and im super stoked to get home so i can talk to tyler.. so i get on.. and the first person to IM me is carmeron..of course cuz hes the only one who does.. its funny... gotta love that kid... then stacy wanting to talk to tyler... so her n ty talk... n then I IM tyler n he doesnt talk for lord knows how long....n blah... iuno.. ty seems mad or something at me... he doesnt talk to me much anymore... i guess its ok.. i mean he does have a life there in cali... he doesnt really need to stay home and sit on the net with me...
so tylers at the store...he'll be back inna hour.. since 11..heeh... i think im being really bitchy towards tyler lately...i feel bad..because i love ty soooo much n im constantly bitching at him about something...i always feel bad...cuz hes my boyfriend.. the only one that makes me happy andi bitch at him al lthe fukin time. so i told myself last night after i got off the net that im not gonna bitch at him anymore... no matter what... if i get the urge im just gonna throw it off or put the away message up n do something to get my mind off of it. but whatever......

dude starbursts rock! oh n did i mention... i won golfballs today!!! haha but i left them at work..sadly.

going to the marina tomorrow *tan time!* haha then mango n i are going to farmers then on friday is my cousin austins birthday hes finally 2 digitized! haha the big 10!! yuh then later the fams going to the rodeo... where i get o strut my new cowboy hat... itll be pimp. anyways im out of here pee-ace

-love n pie

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Name: kersti

Do you like it?: sure...but i hate whne people call me kristy

Nicknames: Kerp,kerpee,koistie,barbie,baby,dumbass
Screen names: tinkerbellskater & xxeternaltears

Age: 16
Birthday: february 21 1988
Sign: the fish things... i cant spell it!
Location: the heart of sparks/reno nv
School: REED!!... WHAT!

Status: dating
Crush: my boyfriend tyler

Natural hair color: orange hehe...brown

Current hair color: brown with blonde

Eye color: brown
Height: 5'6/7
Birthplace: reno nv
Shoe size: 8.5-9
Bra size: X minus your Q equals fuk off bitch
[ family ]
Parents: mommy n daddy

Siblings: 2 half-sisters,1 half-brother, 1 step-sister
Live with: mommmmmy

Favorite relative: everyone...they make me smile

[ favorites ]
Number: 6 n 4
Color: hot pink n black
Day: saturday

Month: August
Song: this years most open heart break
Movie: nightmare before christmas
Food: potatoes
Band: story of the year(yes on my quiz it said A7X... i clicked the wrong letter..sorry)
Season: spring
Sport: football
Class: math
Teacher: mr. zunino -dilworth-
Drink: lemonaid n water

Veggie: cucumber

TV Show: the o.c., wildboys, real world, newly weds, cuz jessica n i are alike(tyler)

Radio Station: . . . . .
Store: whatever has what i want.
Word: photosynthesis

Animal: any animal! i LOVE animals

Flower: tiger lillys
State: cali
[ this or that ]
Me/You: you
Coke/pepsi: pepsi

Day/night: Night
Aol/aim: both :]
Cd/cassette: cd

Dvd/vhs: both :]
Jeans/khakis: i prefer jeans but i HAVE to wear khakis to work
Car/truck: truck

Tall/short: tall
Lunch/dinner: both :]
NSYNC/BSB: oh man i liked both those bitch bands
Britney/Christina: same with these two girl.. BRITS BETTER!(that whore)
Gap/Old Navy: old navy
Lipstick/Lipgloss: gloss
Silver/Gold: Silver
Alcohol/Weed: GAY!!Neither

the things i do when its fukin 1:30 in the morning and im bored out of my fukin mind... and missing my bubbles terribly....confused.... im going to work... i mean bed now.. haha... just cant wait to get to work i guess... fukin 4:00 - 9:45 tomorrow... (terrible) bye bye boo bear.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Hi there.... ya well im bored... nothing reeally to say or do... cuz well tyler just disappeard without saying anything...kinna sad... cuz he was making me happy ... he always does but still.....so im bummed about that....
DUUUUUUDE the people downstairs got in a fight.. it was pretty funny...

i have a thing in my finger and it hurts like a bitch...and i dont know what it is but it hurts.. i tried figuring out what it was but i cant seem to do that very well... and now im all alone with the yelling people downstairs and tyler-less... and bored out of my fukin mind... reminds me... imma go make myself fat and eat cuz im bored. toodles.
L-to tha-O-to tha-V-to tha-E

Posted at 11:53 pm by xxeternaltears
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Sunday, June 13, 2004
I LOVE YOU!!!!....ha ha.

Well Well Well...I'm actaully updating... without someone telling me too haha I LOVE IT!!...anyways... things have been ok... getting better.. atleast i'd say...moms been pretty cool and ive been more cheery so im glad.So ya... ty n i got into it the other night... not pretty.... it was all over when our one month was and he said the 9th and i said the 10th(which it is the 10th) and then he was like see i knew you had other bfs... and me knowing that i had a shitty dayy it didnt put me in a great mood... so we went at it and then ya.. but we made it all better cuz we did!!

OMG! you know how girls and long distance relationships always freak out about their boyfriend finding someone else or doing something else... well i had one of those FOR THE FIRST TIME...last night..i dont know why...i'm just afriad to lose tyler... because he is the only thing that makes me happy in this shitty world.. and he means tons to me... so ya.. but we talked about that last night and iim better now..he really knows how to calm me down when im either mad or super sad! i love him!

soo ya...we lost amanda this week.... pretty sad.. shes in cali now with her dad for the summer.... hopefully ONLY for the summer if she "cleans up" her act...so its just been me and dom lately but we've been having fun.

Went downtown last night... it waaaaaas.... terrible. kinda. hehe. no first dom and i went down there.. then we went to pick up juan and we went back and walked the strip and HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT! there were soooooo many beans there it was discusting.and all they do is hit on every fukin girl they see its nasty... so each time one of them hit on me or dom or someone i would turn around and yell NO! JUST FUKING NO TURN THE FUK AROUND AND GO! haha dom thought we were gonna end up being shot. ya. it just pisses me off that these dick fuks gotta come to fukin the u.s and hit on these young girls its NASTY AS HELL!! so to make all these fukers back off imma get a shirt that says.. "I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND..." then one the back it'll say " SO FUCK OFF!!" hehe. tyler likes the idea, n so do i and dom! it'll be grand!...dude! i sawed chi-chi, bree, co-co, n annalisa last night it was great seeing those girlies again!! i miss them but they look like theyre doing great!! ha.. breetards car brooke down aaaaaaaaaggggggggaaaaain! poor car! its terrible! lol no i love brees car!! but ya!

hmmmmm went shopping today.... was supposed to get pics done with sam but she couldnt go to the mall... shitty... so i guess another day.... i looked all cute for the picture too... ooooo welll... but i did get some stuff..although i shouldnt have) dom got me this purse that says f*ck all over it because i always wanted it but i never bought it because i just didnt and she was tired of hearing me bitch about how much i wanted it so she got it for me... then i got two tees and two tanks.... one tee say " made in california" and the other one say" o.c. cali" then one tank says " emilys dreams are you nightmares" and the other says " be you tee full-beautiful" theyres great!!! and i got a cowboy hat and F.F.A.F.'S CD! SO im happy.

Well i work 2 days this week ..haha. o well...but im outt gonan go like clean my room or something.. since ty's at work and everyone is out n about so ill talk to you gangstas later... x's n 0's byeeeeeeeeee

love always

Posted at 06:59 pm by xxeternaltears
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